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Pictures of Helsinki Finland from our Oosterdam Cruise Review.

Helsinki, Finland - Pictures of our cruise vacation aboard the Oosterdam

Day 10 - Helsinki Finland

We didn't take a tour in this port, we just set off on our own to see what we would discover to put into our Oosterdam cruise review.  There was a shuttle from the ship to town which we took, and just started walking. We found the market, and spent over an hour exploring it. We purchased a couple of finish pocket knives for the boys...which were confiscated in the Copenhagen airport later...but that is another story.

We visited some little shops on some side streets, and did some sight seeing.  Checked out a large department store, and headed back to the cruise ship.

picture of the docks at Helsinki we took from our stateroom on the Oosterdam
View of the docks at Helsinki from our stateroom.
photo of the docks at helsinki
More of the Docks from as seen from our stateroom.
Picture of the Carnaval Miracle, a new cruise ship under construction in the dockyard here in Helsinki
The Carnival Miracle ..a new ship under construction.  Really cool to see one actually being built.


pictures of a park in Helsinki
Statues in a park in Helsinki as we strolled along.
Picture of hte Grand Europa Hotel in Helsinki finland we took while on our Oosterdam cruise
In front of the Grand Europa Hotel.
picture of a fountain
A Nice fountain near the market place.


picture of a Helsinki market place kind of like a farmers market
The marketplace, kind of like a farmers market...
picture of helsinki produce stand at the market
Open air produce .. a staple in Scandinavia. The veggies always look so good.
beautifully displayed produce in Helsinki
More beautifully displayed produce. Makes me hungry just looking at it. On the other hand I want to leave plenty of room for the cruise ship food.


produce photos - Helsinki Finland
And more great looking produce.
Double Headed Eagle Statue a tribute to the Russian occupation
The Double Headed Eagle .. a tribute to Russian occupation.

Kathy trying on fur scarf .. No I didn't buy it ..


photos of the market place
You can even buy wild looking hats at the marketplace.
enjoying a beer during our stop in Helsinki Finland on our HAL Oosterdam Baltic Cruise
Hey you have to try the local beer .. Right ? ( I had some coffee...designated driver you know...
having fun in Helsinki
Shopping shopping shopping... how much fun can one have?
hand made jewelry
This place was cool, look at the hand made jewelry! 

Local food vender .. on a cell phone like all of Europe :)
Helsinki fast food -photos of food vendors
This is their idea of Fast food. Actually it is faster than  McDonalds...
food picture - not sure what it its though
More of the food. It sure looks good... well most of it. I didn't like the looks of the anchovy looking things.
picture of an outdoor cafe in Helsinki
Small outdoor cafe where you can eat what you purchase.
craft market pictures
Lots of fun stuff at the outdoor craft market. Here we have quite a variety of leather purses and bags.
pictures of berries
Berries were everywhere ... the red ones are Lingonberries.  I noticed samples being given away frequently.
several varities of apples
Yum Yum several varieties of apples.

A really sad looking stuffed reindeer outside a shop. This poor reindeer looked like it had been in world war I.
picture of cobble stone street in Helsinki Finland
Cobblestone street repairs. Cobblestone streets must never wear out.  But the pipes underneath do.
plenty of sidewalk cafes
Sidewalk cafes were everywhere we went, and I often took breaks for a cup of coffee. (and a beer for Kathy).
helsinki picture of public park
Pretty street scene, the whole city had lots of trees and greenery.


This is the capital building.

And this is the Parliament building in Helsinki Finland
Oosterdam... it's back to the ship to write some cruise review stuff
Boat Maintenance on the HAL Oosterdam cruise ship. I wondered how they kept the sides clean.