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Oosterdam Cruise Review With Pictures - A Visit to Oslo Norway

Pictures of Oslo - A beautiful city and beautiful sweaters, we took lots of pictures on the cruise on the Oosterdam

HAL Oosterdam Cruise review - Shore excursion in Oslo Norway

Oosterdam Cruise - Day 3 - Oslo Norway


Oslo Norway is a very picturesque city.  Our impression of Oslo was that they seem to have a pre-occupation with children.  Everywhere you look there are statues of children or at least it seemed to us that almost every one of the large number of statues include at least one child.  This was especially true in Vigeland or Frogner Park.  This park featured a huge collection of statues of people created by Gustav Vigeland between 1869 and 1943.  They say it illustrates mans journey from womb to tomb and it is quite a site.  While we were in port they were having an exhibition called Skulpter 2003 with the main events scheduled to take place the next day, but we did see a few examples of the art work that would be displayed.

We ran into some police activity in back of the Royal Palace and we never got a definitive answer to what was going on but there were about 30 policemen with shields and German shepherds guarding a building from what seemed like about a dozen demonstrators dressed in orange with a sign that said (in English)  " Why Complain, everyone looks good in prison orange. We did hear the John Ashcroft was in town to meet with the Norwegian Defense minister, but we aren't sure if that is true or not.  What we can say is that the police were taking whatever was going on very seriously.

After Frogner park, we went down to the harbor where there were lots of shops and cafes.  We did sit and have a beer at one of the outdoor cafes because the weather that day was just wonderful.

Then it was time to get back to the ship... wouldn't want to miss that sail-away drink of the day!  All in all a lovely day in beautiful Oslo, Norway.


picture of Akershus Fortress - Shore excursion HAL Oosterdam photos
Akershus Fortress.
pictures of Norway
Akershus Fortress.
Akershus Fortress
Akershus Fortress.


Our cruise ship, the HAL Oosterdam at dock in Oslo Norway.
Our cruise ship, the HAL Oosterdam at dock in Oslo Norway.
Impressive picture of a tall ship in Oslo
Tall Ship in Oslo Harbor.
Statues at National Theatre
Statues at National Theatre.


picture of Interesting Fountain in Oslo Norway
Interesting Fountain.
fountain On Karl Johan Street
On Karl Johan Street.
photo of Royal Palace
Royal Palace.


picture of protestors in Oslo
Protesters in Oslo.
ODSCF0032.JPG (134228 bytes)
Typical street in Oslo
Typical street in Oslo.


Children at recess.
Children at recess.
Recess2.JPG (127526 bytes)
The school and playground.
Kathy & Camera.JPG (132807 bytes)
Kathy trying to take movie. 


Oosterdam shore excursion - photos of Frogner Park.
Frogner Park.
pictures of Frogner Park on our Oosterdam shore excursion
Frogner Park.
picture of a statue in Frogner Park.
Frogner Park.


Frogner Park gardens and fountains
Frogner Park.
ODSCF0054.JPG (126298 bytes)
Frogner Park.
picture of the world famous statue Crying Baby in Frogner Park.
Crying Baby in Frogner Park.


having lunch in an outdoor cafe at the harbor on our shore excursion
Cafe in the Harbor.
lunch cafe picture taken from the cruise ship Oosterdam
Same Cafe from Ship.
picture of a clock tower in the harbor
Clock tower in Harbor.


Skulptor 2003 - Exhibition all over the city.
Skulptor 2003 - Exhibition all over the city.
Picture of the Oosterdam in Oslo Norway
Oosterdam from the dock.
Tour boat from Oslo .. followed us into the Fjord.
Tour boat from Oslo .. followed us into the Fjord.


ODSCF0122.JPG (131221 bytes)
Sailaway in Oslo.
ODSCF0120.JPG (126900 bytes)
Marina just outside the Harbor.
picture of Holmenkoolen Ski Jump - site of 1982 World Championships.
Holmenkoolen Ski Jump - site of 1982 World Championships.


LeavingOslo.JPG (124748 bytes)
Leaving Oslo.
Fjord2.JPG (127339 bytes)
View of the Oslo Fjord.
View of the Oslo Fjord
View of the Oslo Fjord.