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Passenger cruise review of our fabulous HAL Oosterdam voyage

Day 12 - A day at sea and our last day of the cruise.

We took it easy today, slept in till almost noon.  We wandered up to the Lido deck to work with the laptop on the website writing cruise reviews and maybe get a bite to eat.  

I decided to try and get some decent pictures of the food available on board and maybe some pictures of crew members that I hadn't had a chance to get. I think they would be nice for my passenger cruise review.

I really liked the polish sausage sandwiches from the hot dog/cheese burger bar, and decided to grab one.  While my sausage was cooking I was listening to the chefs talk to each other. They were trying to figure out why something or other didn't seem to have any power.

A few minutes later Jeffery, one of the deck waiters, offered to get me a cup of coffee, (they always seem to know what your name is and what your favorite drink is, mine being coffee).  He came back without the coffee and told me the coffee machine didn't seem to be working.  

About then the captain came on the P.A. system and announced that we had lost the diesel generator and the ship was running on the backup gas turbine generator while the crew fixed the problem.  We ended up anchoring for an hour or so while they got the problem fixed.  That explained why the chefs were having power problems in the hot dog bar and why the coffee dispensing machines weren't working.

I had visions of our cruise lasting a few extra days, but they had the ship working again in short order...I got my coffee, and we weren't even late getting into port the next morning.

That's all folks!

Food Pictures - Taco Bar on the Oosterdam
This is part of the Taco Bar, open every day for those who want a little Mexican food.
pictures of taco shells
Can't make Tacos without taco shells...
pictures of ground beef and chicken for taco fillings - HAL just has the best food
There was always ground beef and chicken to fill the taco.
cruise ship food - Chicken for tacos
Closer view of chicken.
cruise food pictures - ground beef for tacos
Closer view of ground beef.
Iced tea always avialble
Iced tea is always available at the end of the taco bar.
Oosterdam's Cheese burger / Hot dog bar  Italian sausage, polish sausage, hot dogs, hamburgers etc.
This is the cheese burger/hot dog bar. You can get Italian sausage, polish sausage, hot dogs and hamburgers or cheeseburgers.
cruise food pictures - they always use a thermometer to cook the dogs and burgers
At the hot dog bar they use a thermometer to cook the dogs, sausages and burgers.
picture of ice cream toppings on our HAL Oosterdam cruise
Ice cream toppings...I never had any ice cream, but it seemed to be available most of the time.  Sprinkles, chopped nuts, tiny marshmallows, chocolate chips and whipped cream.
picture of cookies - delecious variety of cookies always available
There were always cookies at this spot...I ate quite a few.  There was a good variety...I liked the macadamia nut ones.
photos of cruise ship food - Dessert buffet window
Plenty of deserts.
picture of deserts
And more deserts.
food pictures HAL lines
Never had a chance to try these.
pasta bar photos - spaghetti, penne pasta, shells, etc.
The pasta bar...spaghetti, penne pasta, shells, it varied as to what kind they had.  They always had two kinds of sauce available.  I tried the meat sauce...quite good.
Picture of cruise ship shushi bar and chinese food
Sushi bar and Chinese food.  I don't do sushi, and I wanted to try the Chinese, but never seemed to get around to was only a 12 day cruise after all.
pictures of Shushi on the Oosterdam
Sushi anyone?

This is Jeffery, another deck waiter at the Lido deck that took very good care of us.

Sanda...One of the ships photographers...a delight to talk to.
Ocean bar on the Oosterdam
Mary Rose who helped make the Ocean bar one of our favorite places to hang out.

Mary Rose again.

Whitney...our favorite entertainer.

A whole group of entertainers during some of their time off.
food pictures - photo of desert in the dinning room
One of the deserts at the last dinner.
desert cruise ship food photos
Another desert from our last dinner.
pictures of the waiters singing in the dinning room on the Oosterdam
Joining in with the waiters singing for us at our last dinner.

I caught her doing some window displays.
pictures of dancing on the oosterdam cruise ship
Kathy and I dancing.  Well I'm at least up there trying.

Whitney and Jason the ships DJ.
picture last night of cruise in the hallway
Our hallway on the last night.