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Pictures of Tivoli Gardens - Our Cruise Lines Review of the Oosterdam

Stockholm Sweden - Pictures and comments from our Oosterdam cruise during our visit to Tivoli Gardens. Pictures of the Tivoli Light Show

Cruise Review - Tivoli Park in Copenhagen - Something for everyone.

Day 13 - Copenhagen Denmark - Our Cruise Ship Vacation

We read during our daylight visit to Tivoli gardens that there was a special light show that would only be at Tivoli for a few more weeks, so when we got our dinner reservations we made sure that we would be able to see it from our table at dinner.  That way would could view it in comfort, not out in the cold windy night. 

 Well, it worked out perfectly. Not only did we get to see the light show from our dinner table, I was able to open the window enough to get some pretty good photographs.  The light show photos are near the bottom of the page.

picture of the main entrance to Tivoli Gardens
The main entrance to Tivoli Gardens
picture of one of the 40 restaurants in Tivoli.
One of the 40 restaurants in Tivoli.
picture of one of many entertainment venues
One of many entertainment venues.
picture of Interesting statue outside the music building. This building is called The Nimb .. have no idea why. picture of a fountain outside the Nimb in Tivoli Gardens Stockholm Sweden
Interesting statue outside the music building. This is called The Nimb .. have no idea why. The fountain outside the Nimb.
picture in tivoli gardens from our Oosterdam cruise photo of restaraunt in Tivoli Gardens
This is where we had dinner and watched the light show.
restaraunt photo in Tivoli in Stockholm we took after our HAL cruise aboard the Oosterdam
Another restaurant.
picture of the hot air ballon Ferris wheel ride in the gardens
The Hot Air Balloon Ferris wheel.
photo of anotherl ride in tivoli gardens
Another ride.
photo of the enterance to the arcade area.
Entrance to an arcade area.
tivoli's viking ship amusement ride
Viking ship ride.
picture Tivoli Gardens
Strolling at Tivoli.
Souvenir shops in Tivoli Gardens
Souvenir shops inside the Tivoli Gardens
tivoli gardens picture
Another view of the gardens.
photo Tivoli Gardens
Even a midway to lose money !!!
casino picture
Casino for the big kids !!
pictures of the rides for little kids
Rides for the little kids.
rock climbing wall - Tivoli Gardens
Rock climbing wall.
Bumper car pictures tivoli gardens stockholm sweden HAL oosterdam
Bumper cars.
antique car ride pictures Tivoli Gardens
Antique cars.
pictures of a scary ride in Tivoli
The tower ... NO WAY.
Amuesment park ride Tivoli Gardens
And then it drops straight down and bounces several times.

Boat ride.

Ferris wheel.

A very cool merry-go-round .. great giraffe !!

Wish we knew what this was !!
photos of restaruants - Tivoli
More restaurants.
picture of the Nimb in tivoli
The Nimb .. with special lighting.

The Nimb - lighted.

Tivoli at night.

Casino...Tivoli for adults?

Pretty lights everywhere.

The restaurant where we ate .. all lit up.

Kathy deciding what to order for dinner
picture of Veal Scallpos with fries and Bearnaise
Veal Scallops with fries and Béarnaise.
Tournadoes with fries and Béarnaise.
Tournadoes with fries and Béarnaise.
picture of ice cream sunday
Bill's Ice cream Sunday.
Because this was the 160th anniversary of Tivoli, they commissioned the lighting director from the closing ceremonies of the last Olympics to do a special light show.  We made reservations for a window seat in a restaurant to watch this show.  It was all done with projection and as you will see in the following pictures it was quite spectacular. The first picture below is the Nimb in the early evening long before the show began.  Well after dark the show started, and as you can see from the photos it was quite impressive. 
beautiful picture of lighting effects of the Nimb at night

pictures of the Nimb at nightat the end of our HAL Oosterdam cruise

And this is the moon.  :)