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Cruise Reviews - Cruise Ship Photos of  Food - Fine Dinning Photos & Cruise Buffet Photos

For some silly reason, I enjoy taking photos of food!

On the ship, in the cafes, and the markets, wherever I see it I photograph it! Where I can remember the details I'll put them down, otherwise you just have to guess as to what it might be. :)

We have photos of cruise ship food, photos of fine dining as found on cruise ships, from the local restaurants and cafes and found in the markets and sidewalk stands.

Food presentation is an important part of fine dinning and one would expect cruise ship cuisine to look as appetizing as food at any fine restaurant. The good news is it generally does. Well, you can judge for yourself about how well the food is presented. That's what these food pictures are for...look through the photos and dream about your next cruise ship vacation!

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Red Snapper anyone? This is being de-boned by in a little restaurant in Mykonos. I could reach down from I was sitting and touch the ocean.
Desert.jpg (38562 bytes)
Dessert? Looks pretty good to me! I wish I could remember what it was. Looks like a cream puff with chocolate sauce.
Cruise ship food pics - photo of hamburger
On board ship you can just about always grab a burger or a hot dog. This food was from the "burger bar". You get several kinds of hot dogs or sausage and hamburgers or cheese burgers, fries, etc.


Buffet lunch on the ship, there
Buffet lunch on the ship, there
was always several different
kinds of shrimp dishes.
photos of food - enchilada, rice, pasta, meat skewer.
More buffet lunch...hmmm enchilada, rice, pasta, meat skewer... must have been Mexican food day.
cruise ship salad photos
There are always a few interesting items to put in a salad.


Cruise Ship Food Photos - Greek food at a restaruant in Santorini photo - santornini beer  


Lunch at the Hyatt - Cruise reviews

Mousaka and Greek 
salad in a cafe in Santornini.  
We both thought that this was
the best mousaka we had
ever had. 

We could see the ship way
down in the harbor thousands
of feet below us.


Santornini beer, The 
waiter dropped a shot 
glass of red liquid into the 
mugs of beer.  He told us
it was "Santorini Beer". I
don't know what the red 
stuff was, but the beer was
pretty good.
Lunch at the Hyatt 
in Istanbul. We loved the
Hyatt and the meals too.

In Istanbul lamb is about
the only kind of meat you
can find... or so it seemed.

photos of Lunch at the Meena Hotel in Cairo Egypt - cruise review pictures photos - cruise ship buffet line
Lunch at the Hyatt in Istanbul.  This was truly fine dinning.  Every
thing we tried was excellent!
Lunch at the Meena Hotel in Cairo Egypt. Somehow I didn't get any photos of the buffet... which is too bad as it was magnificent...although I didn't know what much of it was. A tiny portion of one of the buffet line on board ship.
photos of bread Stuffed zuchinni in Greece photo of greek salad from our cruise reviews
Bread, Rolls, buns and
all sorts of bread items to
choose from. Part of the ships
buffet line.
Stuffed zuchinni in a small
Greek restaurant. It was
very good
Yet another Greek salad. We
can't figure out why the tomatoes
taste so good.
picture of cruise ship waiter serving baked Alaska picture cruise ship dinning room dinner entree photo of cruise ship steak for dinner in the dinning room 2nd sitting
Time to serve the 
Baked Alaska for
Dinner entrée in the
ships dinning room.
Dinner entrée in the ships
dinning room.
food picture - photos of eggs fish market photos from our Greek cruise photos of food in the window
Market in the Taksim  Eggs anyone? Fish market in the Taksim  Even the fish looks good. I don't know why but the window displays alway looks so good.
Beautiful displays of vegetables in these little Taksim markets. Displays of vegetables in these little Taksim market windows-  Cruise review photos
More appetizing items displayed in the window of a shop in the Taksim Beautiful displays of vegetables in these little Taksim markets.  Even the jars of pickled
whatever look good.

photos of produce from our cruise reviews
delicious looking food Food Photos - pictures of produce
This is art! I get hungry just looking at these displays of delicious looking food! Such great looking produce everywhere you look.
Authentic Greek Gyros Greek salads
Authentic Greek Gyros! I think
Greece has some of the best
dishes on the planet. 
We apparently ate a lot
of Greek salads. For some
reason they just always 
hit the spot.
After dinner cigar
for Kathy?