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Princess Cays - Pictures and Review from our Eastern Caribbean Cruise Shore Excursion

This port destination, Princess Cays, is located in the Bahamas, in the southern portion of the Island of Eleuthera which was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

Often descried as the most beautiful and scenic of the islands of the Bahamas, 100 miles long and
averaging 2 miles wide, Eleuthera is mostly flat, coral & limestone island, graced with gentle rolling hills
and miles of deserted white san beaches and mangrove trees. The Island is surrounded by clear, turquoise
waters, and blessed with a warm tropical climate.

There are no docking facilities at Princess Cays, so the cruise chip uses its tenders (lifeboats) to ferry the passengers from ship to shore and back.

Somehow we lucked out on this shore excursion and got one of the 6 bungalows available on the beach. We couldn't believe we had gotten one, after all there are over 3,500 passengers on the ship.  It was $200.00 but we thought it was well worthwhile.

The bungalows had a table set for six, and were air-conditioned.  They were just barely big enough
to fit six seated at the table...the doors would close.  The bungalow was kept stocked with ice water,
and there were waiters to bring us drinks.

Each of the bungalows had a bunch of lounge chairs and regular chairs reserved and a table with an
umbrella. They also supplied plenty of beach towels.  Had I known I would not have lugged the towels
from the ship.

We placed Francesca out under a palm tree in front of the two side by side bungalows that members
of our group of 72 had reserved, to alert any group members that we were there and they should stop
by and visit!

At lunch the waiters brought tons of food...way more than six of us could eat. On request they would
bring more, since we ran out of hamburgers.  There were hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, chicken, salads,
fruits, a desert tray with cookies and brownies.  It was so disappointing to only be able to eat about 1%
what was there.

This was an unexpectedly wonderful shore excursion!The water was warm and clear. Snorkeling was the hot sport for the day, although some such as Dave went scuba diving. I was content to lay in the sun, and make occasional ten minute dips in the ocean.  I had forgotten how buoyant you are in salt water.

If you are into water related activities, there are quite a few available here.  Davie Jones Locker is near
a beautiful area for snorkeling, where you can rent all the necessary equipment. There is a Float Rental
station where floating mattresses are available. There are a variety of Sailboats for rent as well. There are
Hobie Cat Sailboats and Sun Fish Sailboats, and you can sail them yourself or take a lesson.

There are also Aqua Bikes, Scrambler Ocean Kayaks, Zuma Ocena Kayaks, Paddle Wheelers, and
the Banana Boat rides.

There are even gift shops on the beach for your shopping convenience....LOL


Caribbean Princess cruise ship Pictures of tending to the ship Photos of tendering to the cruise ship Photo of docking tender with ship Pictues of tenders from above
Photo of the Caribbean
Princess from the tender
  Tenders loading and unloading   Tenders from above.
Shot of tenders from above on the Caribbean Princess Picture of scuba diving dave on our cruise Photo of us getting on a tender Photograph of inside of tender picture of inside of tender
  Dave the Diver as we
get ready to board
the tenders.
Getting on the tenders Photo of the inside of
the tender.
photo of inside of tender Inside of tender - Photograph tender inside picture
picture princess cays Photos of Princess cays island images of princess cays island Princess cays
  Princess Cays Island!      
Picture of the Caribbean Princess from Princess cays pictures of the bungalows on Princess Cays Photo of our bungalow on Princess Cays
bungalow Princess Cays Caribbean photograph of our bungalow at Princess Cays bungalow on princess cays island photo Picture of doll at bungalows Bill Lund relaxing at the bungalow princess cays
    Our Bungalow I got to blow up
Picture inside bungalow on Princess cays island Cruise critic group at bongalow on Princess Cays island photograph princess cays picture beautiful beach princess cays Photograph beautiful beach princess cays
Inside the Bungalow        
beautiful beach Princess cays beautiful beaches caribbean beautiful beach Caribbean beach photo
beach photos beach pictures picture inside bungalow inside bungalow princess cays bungalow Caribbean Princess island
photo of inside of bungalow caribbean
Bill doesn't want to get
beach photo caribbean beach picture caribbean beach pic caribbean Beach photograph caribbean
caribbean beach picture caribbean beach photo Caribbean beach photograph cruise ship tender picture
        Taking tenders back
to the ship.