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Mazatlan on our Sapphire Princess cruise to the Mexican Riviera

Our second stop on this cruise ship review was in the port of Mazatlan Mexico, one of our
favorite destinations.

Mazatlan is a quiet little seaside town catering to tourists, and is known for it's jewelry stores. And Kathy loves to shop for jewelry.  She likes sliver and turquoise which are in plentiful supply.
picture of the port of Mazatlan Mexico from the Sapphire Princess cruise ship... a passenger cruise review  Sapphire Princess - cruise ship pictures picture of docked cruise ships
This photo is of Mazatlan Mexico as seen from our balcony aboard the Sapphire Princess. We seem to be parallel parked and wedged in pretty tight. If you look closely you will see that there are quite a few cruise ships parallel parked along the dock.
pictures of taxis in Mazatlan Mazatlan Mexico - The Mexican Riviera  -  heavy traffic in this picture
Once out on the dock there was no shortage of Taxi cabs to get us into town. This picture of our Taxi ride does not show the fear in our faces due to the seemingly reckless cab ride. Traffic was heavy on the way into town.
pictures of busses in Mazatlan street scence mazatlan Mexcio  - Sapphire Princess cruise review Photograph of Mazatlan Mexico on our cruise ship vacation
Look at all the buses...must be from all those parallel parked cruise ships. Just Kathy standing on the sidewalk. This mall is supposed to lead to the beach.
This is a shot of the beach as seen from the window of a cafe Just a street scene in Mazatlan picture of para-sailing in Mazatlan
This is a shot of the beach as seen from the window of a cafe where we stopped for a beer.  (It was a very hot day).   Just a street scene in Mazatlan...not sure why I took this picture. While in the cafe watch out the window we could see the large para-sailing operation going on.  Kathy wanted to try para-sailing.
Sapphire Princess cruise review - Picture of para sailing in mazatlan. Photograph of para sailing in Maztlan on our Princess cruise to Mexico Picture of a beach in Mazatlan Mexico
What Kathy wants Kathy gets. Here she is suited up for her para-sailing adventure. A good activity for my cruise review of the Sapphire Princess. There she goes...They told me $1.00 to take her up, and $20.00 to get her back.  I was tempted to save some money. Ho hum...waiting for her to get back...where the heck did they go? Ensanada?
para sailing pictures in Mazatlan The street as we head back to the cruise ship to write some cruise review  
Wait...there she is.  They brought her back and it cost me $20. Catching a Taxi back to the ship...not all that easy. Our visit to Mazatlan Mexico is over.