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Pictures of Norwegian Sweaters - Our Cruise Ship Vacation

Norwegian Sweaters - Pictures and comments from our Oosterdam cruise during our visit to Norway where we bought Norwegian sweaters

Our Cruise Line Review of the Holland American Lines' Oosterdam

Day 13 - Norwegian Sweaters - Our Cruise Ship Vacation

More walking around Copenhagen... we found the sweater store that the cruise ship recommended and I took photos of it while Kathy bought a couple of  Norwegian sweaters...

We also stopped at one of the hot dog stands and I bought a hot dog for us to share... boy was it good. I wish I could eat as much as I did when I was in my teens.

copenhagen denmark - pictures of statues
Interesting Statue. There were a number of interesting statues.
picture of a narrow street with lots of bicycles in Copenhagin
Narrow street and bikes everywhere.
food picture - picture of Danish pastries in Copenhagin
Danish pastries anyone?
Sure makes me hungry.
delecious pastries displayed in shop window in Copenhagin
More pastries in the window. Man do they look good or what?
picture of bakery window with delicious looking pastries
Another food picture from our baltic cruise on HAL
picture of 7-11 in Copenhagin
7-11 Was everywhere
picture of a store that sold sweaters and was recommended by the Oosterdam staff
Sweater store recommended by the excursion lady on the Oosterdam
photo of a sweater store in Copenhagin
Closer up of the front of the store.
sweater pictures in Copehagin
The Sweater Market, I've never seen so many damned sweaters in my life!
pictures of beautiful scandinavian sweaters
Fabulous Scandinavian Sweaters at this shop.
Sweater photos - a shop where they sell sweaters displaying them in the window
Sweaters in the window
Picture of Kathy shopping for sweaters in Copenhagin on our Oosterdam cruise
Kathy shopping for sweaters .. again !!
sweaters photos shopping Oosterdam
Inside the store. Is there no end?
photos of the inside of the sweater store
Inside the store.
beautiful scandinavian sweaters
Inside the sweater store. 
picture buying hot dogs from a street vendor in Denmark
Kathy buying a hot dog at the hot dog stand.
picture of a mouth-watering hot dog we bought from the street was great!
The hot dog.  These were the best darn hot dogs.  Wish we could Get them here.
Cophenhagin denmark street scene on a street with no cars allowed.
Plenty of people out and about today. No cars allowed
picture of Copenhagins City Hall, a very ornate building
City Hall  Such ornate buildings
picture of the wax museum at Tivoli
The wax museum at Tivoli.
pictures of bicylces - lots and lots of bikes
How do they know who's bike is who's ? Never in my life have I seen so many bicycles as in Copenhagen. They are everywhere.
picture of the entrance to Tivoli gardens
The entrance to Tivoli gardens. Kind of like a European disneyland. 
picture copenhain train station
Entrance to the train station in down town Copenhagen. 
picture of colorful train tracks in Copenhagin
Interesting the way the rail road ties are painted on a portion of the tracks. Rather colorful.