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Carnival cruises deal so cheap we took our children--and their wives - A Cruise Review

We had one of those great Carnival cruises deals that was such a cheap cruise we took our children--and their wives!

October, 2008Carnival Spirit Passenger Cruise Review - Cheap Cruise Deals

Carnival Spirit  - our cheap cruise to the Mexican Riviera and our Carnival Spirit review with pictures.

Last year we sailed on the Caribbean Princess with 60 or so of our new best friends, and what a fabulous time we had.  Where did we meet these people?  On a message board called Cruise Critic.  We posted, we laughed, we played songs, we exchanged photographs and so on, until the appointed hour when we all met up by the aft pool on board the Princess and a week of fun and merriment ensued. 

The carnival cruises deals were so good we took our kids and their wives along too!

This year, I had put a deposit on an Alaskan cruise for September, when I noticed on our original thread on the message board ( yes over a year later and we are keeping in touch) the many of the original group were going to Mexico (one of my personal favorite places to cruise) and I mentioned this to Bill.  He said "SIGN US UP" and so I cancelled Alaska in favor of cruising with this group.  However, since we had never been on a Carnival ship before, I started doing my investigation early.  You can imagine my surprise to find that the fares were reasonable enough that I could invite my Son and His wife, and My Daughter and Her husband to join us!!

So here we are, one week from sailing and getting more excited by the day.  I have shopped, exchanged lots of excited messages with not only the original group but with many others who are going on this voyage and found out Roll Call thread.  Lots to do still.  Need to finish up work, pack some things, pick up dry cleaning, and take cats to their new bed and breakfast. Need to start making a web page for my Carnival Spirit Cruise Review I will be putting together.

Speaking of the cats... they are going to have a fun vacation too I think.  They are going to a new Bed and Breakfast  .   They will be in the Cleopatra Suite... do take a look and pay particular attention to the walls and the carpeted playground that they will have to romp on. 

One week from today, we will be at the Holiday Inn on the Bay in San Diego, awaiting the arrival of our ship which will dock just outside out windows.  Of course this means that we will be up at o dark thirty to watch the Carnival Spirit sail into the dock.  At last it will be time for the cruise.

Kathy  Oct. 19, 2008

The Day before we leave...

Well as usual things are not perfectly smooth... but they are coming along nicely.  I did manage to strain muscles in my back so Bill is having to do all the lifting and bending stuff for me, but he is a good guy and doesn't complain.

Last minute what am I forgetting has set in.. lets see... Plenty of clothes and shoes, Halloween Costumes, power cord, 3-M tacky's for the door, power strip, sewing kit, all the pharmacy and all the toiletries, party favors, tux and gowns cleaned or new and in bags to be packed, reservation for Cats starting tonight, mail stopped, credit card companies notified, vote mailed, money to take along, documents printed, luggage tags ready, boarding passes obtained, hair and nails done, passports in carryon, extra batteries, books to take, soft socks for the airplane, perishables thrown out of refrigerator... I just know there is something else... but I am sure I will think of it when we are in San Diego but as I always say... we aren't leaving civilization!!  So bright and early tomorrow morning our cheap carnival cruises deals trip begins.

We fly from Portland to Sacramento and change planes.  There we will meet up with son Chris and Daughter in Law Claudia ( I told them we will meet you in the sports bar, have a Bloody Mary ordered for me) and then on to San Diego for a night until we sail on Monday on the Carnival Spirit cruise ship and take our cheap cruise to Mexico!