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Visit to the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids, Athens, Naples, Rome and Nice!

Our next port of call was Alexandria Egypt where we would be taking buses to Cairo to see the Egyptian pyramids!

The port was HUGE!  There were quite a few sunken ships poking up out of the water as we entered the port...wonder what that was about? Our ship was greeted with a giant red carpet and a large band playing music.

Three hour bus ride to see the pyramids, sphinx, and tombs!

We took the shore excursion to the Pyramids, about a three hour bus trip. The busses traveled in convoys with police escorts. I presume it's an anti terrorist thing. The Pyramids were awesome! We got to actually climb up on one of the pyramids.  There were also cool tombs that we toured, and of course, shopping for jewelry and papyrus art.

Athens Greece

Our next port of call was Athens Greece. Since we had been to Athens recently we opted not to take any of the excursions and just went to the Plaka.  We found yet another Internet cafe where we could update our web site. Although it was about 3 flights of stairs to get to the cafe, were given the "Computer with a view" .. Just out the window was a spectacular view of the Acropolis. And we found another fabulous open air cafe.

Naples, Italy

We arrive next at Naples, Italy. The day was kind of a whirl wind of a day as we took a hydrofoil to the island of Capri where we toured the island, an interesting and beautiful island and playground for the rich. Then on to Sorrento where we had lunch and wandered around the scenic town, and finally we toured the amazing ruins at Pompeii. There are enough ruins at Pompeii to spend weeks there and still not see everything. Thousands of years ago and they had plumbing fixtures...running water in their homes, taverns, saunas, and all sorts of surprising things. A very busy day!

Rome and the Vatican

Next stop, Rome and the Vatican City including St. Peter's Basilica, and the Vatican museum.  At the Vatican, we visited the Sistine chapel which was mind blowing. Following that we visited the Coliseum. The Coliseum was another amazing place. Kathy was really impressed with the Trevi Fountain in Rome (she threw in the required 3 coins so we could come back to Rome).

Nice France

Our next port was Nice, France. We visited a famous flower market, had coffee at a little side walk cafe, and we took a shore excursion to Monaco.  Monaco isn't very big! We could stand in one spot and see the whole country. There are lots of shops on the tiny narrow winding streets. We had lunch (at an open air cafe) and Kathy liked the Roquefort  cheese so much she asked the waiter where should could get some, and he directed her to a market. We bought some and brought it home with us.

What a great Mediterranean Cruise Vacation! So goodby until our next cruise ship passenger review!

The following morning we disembarked in Barcelona and within hours we were on our way home!