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Our Sapphire Princess Cruise Line Review - a Day at Cabo San Lucas.

We spend a day in Cabo San Lucas Mexico sightseeing and mostly visiting jewelry stores and local shops.  Kathy was looking for a particular piece of jewelry so we stopped in virtually every jewelry store we came to.

From what I could see there wasn't much else for us to do anyway except maybe bag some rays on the beach and be lazy.  The weather was great, and we had a good time.

Image Cabo San Lucas Picture of cruise ship tender Photograph of inside of cruise ship tender
Our first sighting of Cabo San Lucas from the Sapphire Princess. We going to have to use these to get into the port. More to put in my cruise review. This is what it looks like inside one of the tenders.. before it's packed with people like sardines in a can.
Image port cabo san lucas Picture of cabo san lucas Image street scene cabo san lucas
The view as we pull into our destination... port of Cabo San Lucas Mexico. We rode a little human powered rickshaw type taxi...This is the back of our engine. This is a photo of the street...pretty normal looking Mexican street.
Image of jewelry store in Cabo San Lucas Picture of jewelry store in Cabo San Lucas Picture of a jewelry store in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.
Cabo was our big jewelry shopping stop, and we made the most of it. We looked at virtually every jewelry shop we ran across and boy there was a lot of them. And yet another one. Should be doing jewelry store reviews instead of a cruise lines review.
Photo of a jewelry store in cabo san lucas - cruise destination pictures Cruise ship destination pictures - photograph of jewelry store in cabo san lucas pictures of gold chains  - cruise on the Sapphire Princess
Quite a few rings here...glad I didn't need to make a choice. Turquoise is nice. Kathy really likes turquoise jewelry. And what about gold chains. If you are looking for one it should be here!
shore excursions - shopping in Cabo San Lucas Mexico pictures jewelry Cabo San Lucas Sapphire Princess cruise pictures jewelry shopping
Or silver chains. Lots to choose from. Even broaches. Cruise vacation pictures and cruise review. No no...stop...don't do it!
photos of Cabo San Lucas picture of Margaritaville in Cabo - our Sapphire Princess cruise review picture of the marina at cabo san lucas
Looks like some kind of low lying clothing mall... Kathy at Margaritaville. Just don't go inside Kathy. Let me guess...the marina. No shortage of small boats.
picture of Cabo Wabo in cabo san lucas - cruise pictures destinations ports Image cabo wabo cabo san lucas - cruise reveiw Sapphire Princess cruise destination - photo cabo san lucas
I've been told that CaboWabo is semi famous. I never heard of it myself, but Kathy says so. A closer up view of what looks like a bar out front. Hey, oddly enough, it is a bar. Now we are heading back to the ship, the Sapphire Princess, and on to the next port and destination.
Photo of cruise ship tenders waiting in line picture of cabo san lucas from tender tendering to the Sapphire Princess picture
A line of tenders waiting to return passengers to the cruise ship. One last look back at Cabo... And we prepare to re-board the Sapphire Princess.