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A Passenger Cruise Review of our vacation on the Oosterdam - Copenhagen

Denmark Sweden - Pictures and comments from our Oosterdam cruise during our visit to Denmark in Sweden

We decided to take a boat tour.  It was supposed to be a "hop on - hop off" tour, but were were informed that type of tour had ended the day before along with the end of the tourist season.  So we took the 2 hour tour. It was very interesting and I'm glad we took it.

Day 13 - Copenhagen Denmark -  Boat Tour

cruise ship vacation - picture of a boat tour on one of the waterway sin Copenhagen Denmark
Our tour boat approaching the dock.
 copenhagen boat tour - pictures from our Copenhagen boat tour
Our boat tour guide...speaking English, Danish, and German.
picture church spire copenhagen denmark
An interesting spire. 
This is a picture of the Nyhavn area, a part of Copenhagen where Hans Christian Anderson once lived.
The Nyhavn area - used to be notorious for bars and prostitutes .. now very fashionable. Hans Christian Anderson once lived in the gray building.
light house boat and restaruant pictures
This was once a light-house boat that is now a restaurant.
picture copenhagen boat tour
"Get ready to duck" our guide tells us, this is one of many low bridges.
picture of low bridge on boat tour
Hmmm...ok it is a low bridge and we did duck.
low bridge picture copenhagen boat tour
I see no injuries so I guess everyone ducked.
picture restaurants Nyhavn
Restaurants in the Nyhavn area.
ferry in copenhagen - photo
One of the ferries on the river.
new opera house in copenhagen
They are building a new opera house.
apartment house pictues - previously a storage facility for torpedos
This use to be a torpedo storage facility - now it is fashionable apartments.
Picture of Amalienborg Castle - the Queens residence
Amalienborg Castle - the queen's residence.
picture of the famous little mermaid in Copenhagen
The famous Little Mermaid.
The Queen of Denmark waits here for her yacht
This is where the queen waits for her yacht to be brought around.
Church spire in denmark
This spire has steps going up the outside.