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Cruise Ship Food Pictures - Our Cruise Review of the Sapphire Princess Cruise to Mexico.

Obviously I need to compile a collection of the cruise ship food pictures I took while on this cruise.

Please forgive my poor photography skills....the food looked better than the pictures reveal.  Most of the pictures are from the buffet's, do to the ease of taking the photos. 

Ssapphire Princess buffet food picture Sapphire princess pictures of food -  pastries cruise ship food - picture of corn on the cob on the Sapphire Princess
Kathy likes to eat in the dinning room, but I always think the stuff in the buffet looks so good. Here I just grabbed a few goodies to sample them. And here is Kathy's sample. Just one spare-rib?  I see some cheese cubes.. some kind of rice...  and a burrito thingy. As usual, no shortage of
pastry type desserts. Must be a million calories right there.
Corn on the cob. This is one of Kathy's favorite foods!
cruise ship food photos, cauliflower, curry pasta salad - cruise review of the Sapphire princess cruise food - mouth watering salads at the buffet on the Sapphire princess Passenger cruise review - food pictures from the Sapphire Princess
Cauliflower with Cheese, and Curry stuff. A couple of kinds of pasta salad. Usually the salads are pretty good. Another picture of the mouth-watering salads. Sliced and diced - all kinds of veggie things for your salad.
cold cuts on the buffet line food pictures - Sapphire Princess - fresh baked bun pictures pollo loco - and potatoes cruise ship buffet pictures - princess cruise lines
Lots of different types of cold cuts. Fresh baked buns. I don't think the picture will convey the smell very well, but they sure smelled good. On the left is "Pollo Loco", (crazy chicken?).  On the right are some kind of potatoes. Various dishes...can't make out what they are though...LOL
photos of melon, and fruit Photo of food on the Sapphire Princess cruise ship. Mexican riviera cruise lines review - pictures of baked Alaska on the Sapphire Princess pictures of desert - cruise ship food
Fresh melon, cantaloupe, water melon, pineapple, etc. Paradise for melon and fruit lovers. More stuff like sliced cucumber, croutons etc. Our waiter serving the baked Alaska. Every cruise seems to have a baked Alaska night. One of the desserts in the main dinning room.
pictures of cruise ship hot dogs ice cream toppings - Sapphire Princess cruise review Photographs of cruise ship food. pictures of pastery on a cruise ship buffet line
This here is a hot dog from the hot dog stand by the pool. The hot dogs were deceptively good. All kind of toppings for your custom made ice cream sundae at the ships ice-cream counter. Sausages.. two kinds. I'm not a big sausage fan myself. and pastries in the morning. Although they seemed to have a good selection, I wasn't impressed with them.
picture of fried eggs for breakfast - buffet line photos pictures of scrambled eggs cruise ship food. Sapphire Princess cruise review - pictures of pastries  
Fried eggs. You can get eggs just about any way you can think of on a cruise ship. Scrambled eggs. How can you go wrong with scrambled eggs? Muffins pastries etc.